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This product is a transparent TV screen protection designed to prevent damage, scratches and fingerprints to the flat screen of a contemporary LED, LCD or Plasma TVs. Fits virtually all LCD, LED and Plasma TVs including: Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sanyo, Visio, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba etc. 

The Best on the Market:

TV-Protector™ is a leading brand of TV screen protection equipment in the US.
Since the spring of 2006 we have developed 4 generations of TV screen protectors and currently offer products that excel with:

  • Stylish Design: maintain the gorgeous look of a contemporary flat screen TV.
  • Highest Quality.
  • Functionality: easy installation and cleaning.
  • Enhanced screen ventilation.
  • The best protection.


  • TV-Protector™ prevents damage, scratches, fingerprints, protects from flying remote controls, Wii controllers, children toys and many more.
  • Maintains the sharp and vivid picture quality of your HighDef TV.
  • Extremely strong made from nearly undestroyable optical-grade acrylic. 15 times stronger than glass.
  • Easy to install, ready to attach to your flat-screen TV.
  • Ideal for Families with Children and WII owners.
  • Extensively tested; will deflect any thrown remote control or a toy.
  • Designed to stay unnoticeable keeps the gorgeous look of your TV.

Quick and Effortless Installation.

  • We include instructions to take you through several easy installation steps before you start enjoying the safety that your new TV-protector provides.
  • Installation does not require special skill or tools and usually takes a few minutes.
  • The TV-protector affixes to the frame (bezel) of your TV with gentle to the surface 3M developed strips that hold strongly and come off cleanly. Guaranteed!!!
  • The strips keep the protector at approximately 1/4 inch from the TV and help shock absorption in case of hard impact.  


  • Reduces UV radiation from your TV.
  • Protects your TV on a stand or mounted on the wall.
  • The crystal clear TV-protector transmits over 98% of the light allowing for vibrant display of colors in any High Definition picture.
  • Easy to take on and off.
  • Stop worrying and start enjoying.

Why is our Product Superior?

  • Maintains best picture quality
  • It stays unnoticeable and maintains the gorgeous look of your TV.
  • Provide ease of installation.
  • It is easy to be temporarily detached for cleaning.
  • Designed to absorb substantial impact. The protector can be broken only by very heavy object i.e. brick or hammer.
  • Extensive testing and rigorous quality control ensure high product quality - best on the market.
  • Provides enhanced ventilation preventing overheating. Designed to maintain constant airflow between the TV-protector and the screen.
  • Ideal for protection from children.
  •  Easy to be permanently removed (e.g. If your kids grow older) and restore the original look of your TV.


No Warranty would cover TV Screen Damage:

Thousands of people in Europe have seen damages to their HDTV screens only to discover that No warranty will even partially cover the damage. Your best protection is guarantied by TV-ProtectorTM the most trusted TV screen protection solution on the market.



You risk nothing. If you are unhappy for any reason you can return your TV screen protector within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked. We provide full refund less shipping charges for undamaged products in original packaging.


Best Price Guarantee:

Our policy is simple. To ensure that you purchase the best value TV screen protector we will match any price on a comparable product.

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