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TV-Protector TM offers commercial sales for their clients!


Our Commercial Arm Offers Specially Designed TV Screen Protectors!

TV Screen Protectors with unmatched quality for institutional clients.

  • Help Control Business Expenditure
  • Distanced from the screen to prevent screen overheating - harmony with your equipment
  • Heavy Duty. 15 times stronger than 1/4 inch thick glass
  • Exceptional Optical Quality
  • Protection for Vertically & Horizontally monitors
Many institutions such as: Hotels & Motels, Bars & Nightclubs, Restaurants, Sporting Venues, Hospitals, Schools & Colleges, Jails, Audio Video, Dealers, Casinos, Health Clubs, Rental Stores...and many more prefer buying our product to satisfy their need of independent protection of their TV Screens.
  • Hundreds of hospitals use our TV screen protectors to guard the fragile screens of monitors and flat-screen TV’s in Surgical Rooms, Patient Rooms, Waiting rooms, Lobbies etc.

  • On stand mounted on the wall or part of equipment

  • Put your expenditure under control with TV-Protector™!

  • We can deliver TV screen protectors to cover the screen of every monitor.
  • Monitors are a part of today's education

  • TV screen protectors for equipment in Classrooms, Playrooms, Dorms etc.

  • Hundreds of schools use our TV screen protectors. Trust the experience. We know exactly what you need.

  • Our TV screen protectors provide reliable protection against accidental screen damage

  • Prevent damage to your equipment & Protect your budget
  • Hotels are the largest group of our customers. We know exactly what TV screen protectors your hotel or motel needs

  • Keep your TVs safe from guests and cleaning personnel with our TV screen protectors

  • Managing capital expenditure is extremely important in the hospitality industry. Quick payback with the best TV screen protectors on the market

  • Our TV screen guards Virtually Eliminate the likelihood of accidental damage

  • Offer your guests style while ensuring your equipment remain intact
  • Among our customers are a number of institutions with various profiles including Government institutions, Bars, Clubs, Libraries, Fitness Centers, Bars, Restaurants, Sporting Venues, Hospitals, Schools & Colleges, Hotels, Dorms, Correction Facilities, Police Departments etc. we know it all

  • Send us a list of your TV’s that need protection Today!
Heavy Duty TV Screen Protectors guaranteed to protect your monitors or TV’s unlike any other TV screen protector. Distanced from the screen to prevent screen overheating - ensures long equipment life. Optical grade material optimized for extreme optical clarity. Double the thickness of competitive products. 15 times stronger than 1/4 inch thick glass. Independently tested to maintain 100 % quality of high definition picture.

Commercial and Quantity discounts are available.

You can also resell our products.
We accept credit cards, checks and Purchase Order (PO)!

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We are working with numerous institutions across the US and provide the best TV screen protective equipment on the market!

We know exactly what you need! Contact us today.

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