TV Screen Protector – How to protect Your Fragile TV Screen

Common Damages to Fragile TV Screens

As technology constantly progresses, we are pampered by more sophisticated TV Screens which provide surreal 4K viewing experience. It is confusing what this all means and what is best for our needs for a TV screen in our living room - 1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K, 8K. But how do we provide excellent TV screen protection to our fragile TV screens? After all, the last thing we want is our expensive investment being accidentally scratched or even worse - being smashed by a toddler.

How Our TV Screen Protector will protect your TV?

The TV-Protector™ patented TV screen protector provides superior TV screen protection. The TV protective cover is made of sturdy optical-grade acrylic material which is 10 times stronger than 1/4 inch thick glass. In this way they will protect your TV screen from flying remote controls, wii games controllers, children toys, fingerprints, paw prints left by your pets and scratches. The TV screen protector can only be broken by heavy objects such as a hammer, a brick, a large rock or a piece of heavy furniture. The TV-Protector™ comes in sizes from 19 up to 80 inch for the range of premium TV screen protectors and from 32 to 60 inch for the range of non-glare TV screen protectors. The ultimate range consists of crystal clear TV screen protectors while the non-glare range offers TV screen protection with a matte finish. They reduce glare only if your TV screen has a mirror effect when it’s switched off.
Apart from protecting your TV screen, the TV-Protector™ TV screen protector maintains the HD picture and elegant appearance of your TV. Also, the TV protective cover has been designed to allow for 1/4 inch gap between the screen and the protector. This enables constant ventilation that prevents screen overheating.

Installation of the TV screen protector

You may think that the installation process of the TV screen protection takes time and is difficult but this is luckily not the case. The TV-Protector™ TV screen protector can be installed in 5 minutes. Moreover, you can easily detach it for cleaning which is amazing!
There are 2 options for the attachment of the TV screen protector – by the Velcro strips or the optional strap (all of which are provided in the installation package). You may attach the enclosed (Velcro®) strips on both sides of the TV frame. You can trim the velcro strips if your TV frame is narrow. And you’re ready to go! The other option you may use is attach the TV protector to your TV screen by the optional strap: you simply have to insert the security strap into the opening at the top of screen protector. Now you are ready to attach the protector and for large screen TVs two (2) adults are needed to complete the installation.
In the installation package you will also see 2 black cubes - 2 inch thick. You may place those in the bottom of the TV and then place the protector on top of the cubes. This will lift the protector up and it will not touch the TV legs.

Warranty of the TV Screen Protector

If the TV screen protector you ordered isn’t the right size for your TV screen, then you can return the TV protective cover within 7 days since you placed your purchase on our website of TV-Protector™. If there has been an accident and the TV protective cover gets damaged, please let us know immediately and then we will be glad to assist you and arrange a replacement being sent to you.

Having explored the benefits of the TV-Protector™ TV protective cover, we believe it is high time you got one and enjoyed its TV protection.


Thank you for creating this awesome product. My 2 year old has broke 2 - 50" TVs in the last year! Wish I found you after the first one broke. Thank you so, so much!!! ... Jennifer Grimes
Panama City, FL

I wasn’t sure what TV protector to buy since these things aren’t cheap. I liked the look of your product. Thanks a lot, my TV looks really nice with it. ...Brandon H.
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Fairfield, CT

I am proud with such a remarkable product! The design is so beautiful. Perfectly fits on my 42'' LCD TV. Thank you!...Michelle P.
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